4minute (포미닛)

Popularity : 

(인기도 : )

Type : Girl Group

​​(유형 : 걸그룹)

Members : Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna     

                       and Sohyun.

(멤버 : 남지현(리더, 보컬), 허가윤(메인보컬), 전지윤(보컬), 김현아(랩), 권소현(보컬))

Genres : Dance / Hip hop / R&B

(장르 : 댄스 / 힙합 / 알앤비)

Concept : Girl Crush, Sexy

​(컨셉 : 걸크러쉬, 섹시)

Debut : 2009

(데뷔 : 2009)

SNS : Twitter

​​(소셜네트워크 : 트위터)

Label : Cube Entertainment

(소속사 : 큐브 엔터테인먼트)

100 million views


It was the first time that a girl group has achieved 100 million views for music video among girl groups that are not the three major agencies(SM, JYP and YG Entertainment).
(K-pop 3대 기획사 외의 걸그룹​이 유튜브 1억뷰를 달성한 것은 4minute이 최초이다.)

Collapse accident

(붕괴 사고)

On October 17, 2014, when the lid of the vent collapsed during an outdoor performance, the audience on top of it crashed, causing many casualties.

(2014년 10월 17일 행사 도중 행사장 붕괴 사고가 발생하여 많은 사상자가 발생했다.)

Controversy over plagiarizing

(표절 논란)

There was a controversy over plagiarizing the song 'Boss Mode' by Knife Party. But the plagiarism controversy came to an end when Knife Party tweeted, "Boss Mode?? I don't think so."

(Knife Party 곡을 표절했다는 의혹이 있었지만 Knife Party가 직접 그녀들의 곡은 표절로 보이지 않는다고 트위터를 통해 입장을 밝혔다.)

Of the Hyuna, by the Hyuna, for the Hyuna

​(현아의, 현아에 의한, 현아를 위한)

The group has been evaluated as a Hyuna*패왕색기's group since rookie season. The limits were not completely out of place until disbanded.

(현아의 팀이라고 불린다.)


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