Baek A Yeon (백아연)

Popularity : 

(인기도 : ★)

Type : Soloist

​​(유형 : 솔로)​

Members : Baek A Yeon

(멤버 : 백아연)

Genres : Soul / R&B

(장르 : 소울 / 알앤비)

Concept : Sadness, Pure, Sweet

​(컨셉 : 슬픔, 순수, 달콤)

Debut : 2012​

(데뷔 : 2012)

SNS : Facebook Twitter Instagram

​​(소셜네트워크 : 페이스북 / 트위터 / 인스타그램)​

Label : JYP Entertainment

(소속사 : JYP 엔터테인먼트)

Clear voice tone

(깨끗한 목소리)

Most critics evaluate she has one of the most clear-tone voice in the history of K-pop.

(대부분의 비평가들도 그녀가 K-pop 역사 상 가장 깨긋한 목소리를 가졌다고 평가한다.)

Frustration in karaoke

(노래방 금지곡)

Her songs look easy to sing, but they are considered very difficult to sing in real life. It has frustrated many women.

(그녀의 노래는 부르기 쉬워보이나, 실제로는 매우 어려워 수 많은 여자들을 좌절시켰다.)

Malignant lymphoma

(악성 림프종)

When she was young, she had a hard time  because of malignant lymphoma. She had to take a leave of school. Furthermore, she couldn't afford treatment because it was difficult for her family economy problem.

(그녀는 어렸을 때 악성 림프종 때문에 학교를 떠나야했다. 게다가, 가정 형편 때문에 적절한 치료도 받을 수 없었다.)

Vocal nodule

(성대 결절)

She was originally going to major in vocal music, but she gave up her dream after going through vocal nodule.

(성악을 전공하였으나, 성대 결절 때문에 꿈을 포기했다.)


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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