Popularity : ★★★

(인기도 : ★★★)

Type : Boy Group

​​​(유형 : 보이그룹)​​

Members : G-Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri,

                       Taeyang and Daesung.

(멤버 : G-DRAGON, 태양, T.O.P, 대성, 승리)​

Genres : Hip hop / Dance / Electronic / R&B

​(장르 : 힙합 / 댄스 / 일렉트로닉 / 알앤비)

Concept : Fantasy, Crazy, Swag

(컨셉 : 판타지, 크레이지, 스웩)​

Debut : 2006

(데뷔 : 2006)

SNS : Facebook Twitter

​​(소셜네트워크 : 페이스북 / 트위터)

Label : YG Entertainment

(소속사 : YG 엔터테인먼트)



According to the prosecution's announcement the prosecution investigated G-Dragon under someone's intelligence and found a positive cannabis reaction in its hair. Then G-Dragon was given a suspended indictment for inhaling drug.

(검사의 발표에 따르면 지드래곤의 머리카락에서 양성 반응이 나왔다고 한다. 지드래곤은 약물 복용으로 인해 집행유예 판결을 받았다.)

Drug again

(또 마약)

T.O.P's hair test has found a positive result, and prosecutors have found that he inhaled drug four times at her home with a female junior singer Han Seo Hee. *약국

한서희라는 여자 가수와 탑은 함께 마약을 복용했고,  머리카락에서 양성 반응이 나왔다. 검사는 그가 그녀의 집에서 4차례 약물을 복용한 것을 알아냈다. 

Traffic accident death case

(교통 사망 사고)

Daesung was accused for allegedly causing a person to be death in a traffic accident due to his carelessness while he drove bridge in his car. The final outcome was settled by the prosecution's acquittal. The legal community believes that even in past cases, the case does not deserve to be sentenced to prison.

(대성은 교통사고로 사망자를 발생시켰지만 무죄 판결을 받았다. 법조계에서는 과거 판례를 보았을 때 이번 판결이 옳다고 믿는다.)

A sex scandal

(섹스 스캔들)

An interview and a photo of a woman who had sex with Seungri was uploaded from the Japanese magazine FRIDAY. YG has yet to respond. In fact, it is also difficult to deal with this. There is no comment on the personal level. As YG always does, it seems to have taken a step forward without any mention.

(일본의 잡지 FRIDAY에 승리와 잠자리를 같이 한 여성의 인터뷰와 사진이 게재되었다. YG는 무반응으로 일관하고 있다. YG는 언제나 그랬다.)


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