Chung Ha (청하)

Popularity : 

(인기도 : ★)

Type : Soloist

​​​​​(유형 : 솔로)​​

Members : Chung Ha

​​​​​(멤버 : 청하)​

Genres : Electronic / R&B

​(장르 : 일렉트로닉 / 알앤비)​

Concept : Girl Crush

​(컨셉 : 걸크러쉬)​​

Debut : 2017

(데뷔 : 2017)

SNS : Instagram

​​​(소셜네트워크 :  인스타그램)​​

Label : MNH Entertainment

(소속사 : MNH 엔터테인먼트)

A backup dancer


She was a backup dancer on the stage of B1A4, Teen Top and Ulala Session.

(그녀는 B1A4, 틴탑, 울랄라 세션의 백댄서였다.)



She is actually the only idol that succeeded as a singer among I.O.I members. There is only one case among 101 members in the TV show Produce101 that truly succeeded as an idol singer.

(그녀는 아이오아이 멤버 중 '진정한' 가수로서 성공한 유일한 멤버이다.)


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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