Dal Shabet (달샤벳)

Popularity : 


Type : Girl Group


Members : Ah Young, Serri, Subin and Woohee.

Genres : Dance / Synthpop

Concept : Cute

Debut : 2011

SNS : Facebook / Twitter

Label :  Happy Face Entertainment

Name theft?

Since its debut, it has been marketing noise due to group name problems. Among the fairytales written by famous writers, there was Dal Shabe-tt. The agency asked the author several times for permission to use the name as the girl group name. But the writer refused. But anyway they are using it similarly Dal Shabet.

Website theft?

In 2011, other group's logo of SM Entertainment appeared when people accessed Dal Shabet's official website through a non-IE browser. They closed the homepage for a while. There are mixed opinions on whether the site's website is being stolen from the source or high-level noise marketing, but the agency said the hacker was responsible. However, it was discovered that the SM Entertainment homepage of singers belonging to the SM Entertainment was being managed by the SM Entertainment.

Goods design theft?

Because of the moon and its star shape at the glow-in-the-dark stick, there was friction with the 2AM. According to 2AM fans, the moon and stars originally symbolize 2AM. 2AM contends that the originality of design on the Dal Shabet side cannot be recognized because the designs are 'open' and the overall impression is similar.


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