IU (아이유)

Popularity : ★★★


Type : Soloist


Members : IU


Genres : R&B / Soul

Concept : Pure, Sweet


Debut : 2008


SNS : Twitter Instagram


Label : Kakao M

Incest controversy

There was a controversy that IU's song 'Only I didn't Know' dealt with incestuous relations. The company denied that it was just a story of a couple with a large age difference.

An infant sexual love

In the opinion of some critics, many photos and music videos used an infant sexual love concept. The company denied. But it has become a huge social issue. The concepts and small tools she used are as follows : immature make-up, crayons, a baby bottle, white liquids, chocolate on face, milk splashed on clothes, snacks, Lolita-related lyrics, etc.

A photo on Twitter of IU

A photo taken with Super Junior's member Eunhyuk was posted on Twitter of IU just for a while, raising controversy. This is because Eunhyuk was taking off his upper body and it's like they were lying in bed together. In response to the photo, IU explained that Eunhyuk came to her house and took the photo with him on the sofa. The incident caused Eunhyuk to join the army after suffering a severe slump.

Plastic surgery

Despite the controversy over plastic surgery, plastic surgery was so common in Korea that the public soon became quiet.


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