J.Y. Park/JYP (박진영)

Popularity : ★★

Type : Soloist


Members : J.Y. Park


Genres : Funk / Soul / R&B

Concept : Healthy, Sexy, Crazy

Debut : 1993


SNS : Facebook Twitter Instagram


Label : JYP Entertainment

"Sex is a game."

"Sex is a game," he said in 2001. People are still sarcastic about it more than 15 years. He makes an excuse for saying that sex should not be considered too sacred.(프로게이머)

Camouflage divorce

He once did a camouflage divorce. People have even speculated that he did so because of tax problems. Nothing has been clarified.

Pseudo religion

It has been revealed that wife of JYP is one of Yu Byeong-eon's nephews. Yu Byeong-eon is known as the god of giant pseudo religion in Korea.

Half Air, Half Sound

It is his famous method of vocal education. The identity of Half Air, Half Sound, is to spread out behind the vocal cords. As the vocal cords contact rate decreases, get hoarse soon. It can even cause a vocal cord nodule.


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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