Jang Geun Suk (장근석)

Popularity : 


Type : Soloist


Members : Jang Geun Suk


Genres : Rock

Concept : Pretty Boy, Sexy


Debut : 2008

SNS : Facebook Twitter Instagram


Label : TreeJ Entertainment


People see him as one of Korea's leading 'Bluff' (허세남) singers. Pretending smart, pretending cool are all his.

Tax evasion

Controversy erupted during tax investigations into overseas incomes of celebrities and large agencies from summer 2014 to early 2015. It was judged that the evasion was unintentional, so prosecutors did not lead to prosecution and prosecution investigations.

Military service problem

A man who seemed fine was suddenly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and exempted from the military. No one knows the truth.

Asia prince

He is nicknamed 'Asia prince' because of his good looks.


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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