Jun Hyo Seong (전효성)

Popularity : 


Type : Soloist


Members : Jun Hyo Seong


Genres : R&B

Concept : Healthy, Sexy


Debut : 2009

SNS : Twitter Instagram


Label : TS Entertainment

Stair accident

She fell down the stairs and was hospitalized for a month in 2011. Because of this, she had to take some time off.

Fake Facebook

It has been confirmed that there is a Facebook account that impersonates her. Many fans were fooled. The agency said that Jun Hyo Seong does not have any official Facebook accounts.


In Korea, the word 'democratization'(민주화) is a word that should not be used as a joke. This is because it is a word that is used in a particular Internet community that is used by insane and nasty people. But she used the word in a comical way.

Ice bucket challenge

She wear a white jacket and black underwear for ice bucket challenge. It was deliberate in anyone's eyes.


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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