Lee Hyori (이효리)

Popularity : ★★


Type : Soloist


Members : Lee Hyori


Genres : R&B

Concept : Healthy, Sexy


Debut : 1998


SNS : Instagram​​


Label : Kiwi Media Group

A vegetarian

She was a goodwill ambassador for Korean beef.  However, as soon as the promotional period was over, she declared vegetarianism and became controversial.(먹튀) It was obvious that the  livestock raisers were hit hard by the change of her who used to be in attitude at eating Korean beef.

A zoophilist

She is leading the adoption and protection of abandoned dogs, and she is also adopting and raising them. She is actively engaged in protection of abandoned dogs. She spoke against using fur. Then the picture of her wearing fur was leaked. She showed her apology to the public.

Twitter controversy

She tweeted a message that seemed to condemn carnivores. She apologized immediately after many people's resentment. (SNS는 인생의 낭비)

A sight spot for tourism

Her house became a tourist attraction when it became famous through TV show. She eventually had to install a lot of warning detector and warning devices near her home.


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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