LeeSSang (리쌍)

Popularity : 


Type : Duet


Members : Gary and Gil

Genres : Hip hop / Jazz

Concept : Swag

Debut : 2002

SNS : Facebook Twitter

Label : Leessang Company

Drunk driving crime

Gil committed a drunken driving crime. As a result, the music album, which was scheduled to be released in 2014, was cancelled. It has not been released until now. The decision is unusual because drunk driving crimes by celebrities are very common in Korea.

Military service exemption

Most Hip hop musicians in Korea do not join the army. For your information, serving in the military is mandatory for men in Korea. But eight to nine out of ten of them don't join the army. I'll leave the reason to your imagination. For some reason, the rich and the politicians are exempt, too.(유전무죄 무전유죄)

Drunk driving  crime once  again

Gil committed the same crime again. It seems to him that the law is nothing to him, and that seems to that he has no intention of law abiding. 

Drunk driving crime twice again

Gil committed the same crime twice again. He committed a total of three same crimes. Although he continued to commit the same crimes, he did not go to jail and this is common for Korean celebrities. See the 2NE1 case for example of it.(사법부 만세)


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