4 Ways to Speak "I love you" in Korean (of Kpop Groups)

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

4 Ways to Speak "I love you" in Korean (of Kpop Groups)
In Korea, many songs tell 'love' in their stories.

As many as songs exist, various different ways exist to expression love.

Here are Kpop Groups 4 ways to say "I Love You" in Korean.

4 Ways to Speak "I love you" in Korean (of Kpop Groups)

1. "사랑해" [pronunciation : sa-lang-hae/sa-rang-hae] 사랑(love) + 해(do) → I do love you.

This is very standard form to say "I love you." in Korea.

When you say this phrase in Korea, you have to make a serious mood around you.

Koreans do not accept the word 'love' as light meaning.

Love is considered a serious, solemn and sincere thing in Korea, which has long embraced Confucian culture.

But the Kpop stars use this expression to their fans easily.

Kim Gun Mo - 사랑해 (Fall In Love)

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2. "좋아해" [pronunciation : joh-a-hae] 좋아(like) + 해(do) → I do like you.

This word's meaning is more likely 'like' than 'love'.

If you love someone, but you are burdened to say "I love you.", let's say this.

"좋아해" is a relatively lighter, unweighted and more playful term.

If you are very handsome or beautiful, you can easily hear someone say it to you in Korea.

Ironically, Kpop stars do not use this expression more often than "사랑해"

I love(like) you

3. Finger Heart This is not a spoken language. It is a Body language.

It is called as "Thumb Heart" or "Korean Heart" too.

In South Korea it is a known symbol among Kpop stars and their fans and has popularly been performed using the thumb and index finger.

Korean hand heart is a new thing so girl, you gotta watch and learn.

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4. "라면먹고 갈래?" [pronunciation : lamyeon-meog-go-gal-lae?] 라면(instant noodle) + 먹고(after eating) + 갈래?(leave?) → Do you want to leave after eating instant noodle?

In direct translation, it means "Do you want to leave after eating instant noodle?"

This is an aggressive expression of liking someone sexually.

This is like a double-edged sword that can radically proceed or even destroy relationship with someone.

Quite generally, K-pop group idols do not use this expression in front of media.

I'll leave it to your imagination what happens after eating instant noodle.

TWICE Sana - "lamyeon-meog-go-gal-lae?"

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