The Best Kpop Music Videos just for You! (based on 6 moods)

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

The 5 Best K-pop music videos in each 6 moods.

How are you feeling today?

We introduce the best Kpop music videos #1~5 in each 6 moods which are the Kpop experts chose. These music will suit your mood today. You shouldn't miss it.

The best Kpop music videos are right in front of your eyes.

Let's watch the south Korean boy and girl group artists' best K pop music video songs on youtube.

(1) Gloomy (2) Sad (3) Moody (4) Peaceful (5) Happy (6) Energetic


  • 5. Dear Mom - god (1998)

The song, which was produced by JYP, is harmonized with a classical atmosphere. 2Pac songs are being inserted, shaking people's minds with hip-hop lyrics and heartbreaking lyrics. The atmosphere of classical emotion can be felt. Listen to this song if you want to cry out while you are thinking of your mother.

  • 4. Umbrella - Epik High (2011)

In the lyrics, it contains the most mature and complete piece of music. Epik High's unique emotions dig deeper into the inner side of people who are sad or sick than ever. The singer's inner feelings are also exposed. For those with heartache, sometimes the heartbreaking lyrics seem to be a much closer consolation than the words of distant consolation. If your heart breaks, listen to this song.

  • 3. The Truth Untold - BTS (2018)

"The Truth Untold" is a pop ballad genre that is a vocal line unit song. Jin, Jimin, Buu, and Jeong-guk's voice and piano lead the music. Steve Aoki, the creator of 'MIC Drop' remixes, participated in the production. The song is in perfect harmony because of its sophisticated melody, restrained emotion and charming voice.

  • 2. LOSER - BIG BANG (2015)

These artists, called Big Bang, heightens expectations by making a best song of their own. The eyes, voices and gestures of the artists all seem to have melted their individuality and philosophy, all of which are natural. All we have to do as an audience is watch the Big Bang as it is and be ready to enjoy their music.

  • 1. LONELY - 2NE1 (2011)

This song is bold enough. They removed drum beats and develop songs with string instruments, focusing on vocal music that shows each member's personality. CL and Minzy, who have mostly performed rap in 2NE1, captivates the audience with powerful vocals while feeling the rhythm. The lyrics of the song, which at some point feels lonely when you are with someone you love, are combined with the breathable vocals of 2NE1 members, making you instantly into true music.


  • 5. empty - WINNER (2014)

A lyrical guitar and unique vocal effect are impressive. It is a rap/mix song that explains the emotions of emptiness after parting. This is WINNER's best song.

  • 4. Through the Night - IU (2017)

It is an acoustic sound that harmonizes the lyrical melody with the voice of IU. Kim Je-hwi, the composer who has collaborated with IU several times, and Kim Hee-won of New Face participated in the lyrics and showed off his wonderful musical skills.

  • 3. Heartbeat - 2PM (2009)

In particular, Asia's top composer JYP's song, titled "Heartbeat," is a completely new style experimental song that does not belong to any genre or style that already exists. It is making the most sense of the completed 2PM colors. The song features a human heart beat as the framework of the song, and the sound of Drum is repeated with the main and the theme instruments, while the full orchestra of Live combines the emotion of the song. The addition of the upgraded performance of 2PM gives new impression and shock to those who encounter 2PM's music video.

  • 2. Tears - LeeSSang (2013)

The lyrics are more pronounced as the powerful, scaled hip-hop beat. Gary's emotional and realistic lyrics in this song seems to be expressed by the emotional piano line and the increasing longing of him. In addition, the Gil's rough vocals and Eugene's caustic vocals are combined to create perfect harmony and complete the addictive rhythm.

  • 1. Heaven - Ailee (2012)

The romantic melodies and Ailee's explosive singing ability and the pop-up drum sound are outstanding. The musical soul of Ailee is particularly captivating in the later part of the song.


  • 5. All Right - Lim Kim (2013)

The sound waves and melodies were all made strategically, considering Lim Kim's tone as they were initially called outside Lim Kim's mouth. Instead of Lim Kim's image known to the public, she tried to express the impression of real Lim Kim, which resulted in a story of a woman with a clear manner of conduct and a clear view of herself.

  • 4. Alone - SISTAR (2012)

The romantic and addictive melody is impressive. The melody that blends with the lyrics of 'Alone' is very addictive, and the real sound that combines piano and guitar brings yet another breath to the pop music scene. The lyrics, which express the pain of broken love and the fleetingness of love, are the highlight of the song, and you will see a new aspect of SISTAR that was not seen yet.

  • 3. FICTION - Beast (2011)

They are loved not only for their strong looks, but also for its soft and emotional appearance. Beast has tried hard to show great performances as a six-member artist despite various personal activities such as entertainment, acting and musical. This song is the signal of their unstoppable race.

  • 2. Gil(Road) - god (2011)

They are looking back at their present position through this song. The atmosphere and simple musical instruments attract attention. This is one of the best music among Korean pop music.

  • 1. Fire - Mad Clown

The music video depicts a terrible farewell in a humorous excitement. In the face of the break-up struggling to leave, the man reveals his broken emotion brutally. There is also an ideal voice, enough to express a woman's beauty.


  • 5. Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls (2009)

It is an electronic pop music style dance song. The introduction of complete and weighty rhythms and sounds is stimulating, dreamy and cool. The impressive lyrics that remind you of Voodoo go well with the dreamy sound.

  • 4. MIROTIC - TVXQ! (2008)

This song is a Reverse Beat dance track. It is an impressive song with a sophisticated melody and addiction. In particular, the song drew attention as BoA's composer Remee /Troelsen participated in the U.S. debut song "Eat You Up." In addition, TVXQ! vocals are in perfect harmony with direct lyrics that seem to be placing an order to dominate everything of a woman who falls in love with at first sight. In addition, choreography is made by Kenny Wormald who performed with top pop stars including Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Chris Tina Aguilera.

  • 3. Growl - EXO (2013)

It is a stylish Urban/R&B sound-based dance song. The lyrics are impressive. They express a man's heart as "growl".

  • 2. HANN (Alone) - (G)I-DLE (2018)

-. iTunes K-pop Chart Ranked #1 in 11 regions worldwide, including the United States,

England, France, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Singapore -. Billboard #7 World Album Chart -. '2018 Branded for the Year – Women's New Idol of the Year' award

  • 1. Some - Junggigo (2014)

Many people consider him as the pride of Korean hip hop vocalists. He met the vocalist Soyou of SISTAR. Junggigo has been praised for his mellow tone and singing style.


  • 5. TT - TWICE (2016)

It's an exciting music video that looks like a roller coaster. The song, which first expresses a love-loving little girl's heart, has gained huge popularity.

  • 4. Tell Me - Wonder Girls (2007)

The song, featuring a perfect reenactment of the 80s, includes a tribute to that time and a strong will to the future of Wonder Girls. Through this style, Wonder Girls reenact their past, while showing boldness and stubbornness to remove the immaturity.

  • 3. Gee - Girls' Generation (2009)

It is a fast dance track with a cute situation of girls fallen in the first love. You can feel the fresh charm of Girls' Generation to the fullest. The song is an attractive song that captivates the ear with the repetition of 'Gee' and unique rhythm. The performance of Girls' Generation adds joy to the eyes and ears of viewers.

  • 2. Bad Girl, Good Girl - miss A (2011)

The song tells the story of a woman who throws away a light-hearted man without mercy. Even in the midst of betrayal and anger, the pride of a beautiful woman who says "Good-bye Baby" is impressive. Powerful hip-hop rhythms and an acoustic shuffle are mixed.

  • 1. DDU-DU DDU-DU - BLACKPINK (2018)

It emphasizes the unique color of Black Pink. Its original sound and oriental performance rhythm, which is added on a powerful trap bit. The repeat of the 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' that stretches out as the song unfolds, reminds us of a tank or machine-gun.


  • 5. Very Very Very - I.O.I (2016)

A cute music video that reminds of them. very very very much too often!

  • 4. FIRE - BTS (2016)

It is a song of the electric trap genre sweeping the world. The team is enjoying a wild and energetic aspect of themselves. From the beginning, the song continues to be filled with laughter, saying, "Let's recognize the reality that is a mess and burn the moment." At the height of the peak, a word of SUGA's a word "brun the moment(불타오르네)" immediately draws attention.

  • 3. Ultramania - SEOTAIJI (2000)

Once again, he has revolutionized the music culture of Koreans.

  • 2. GANGNAM STYLE - PSY (2012)

PSY's unique entertainment, which is neither deep nor elegant, nor cheap.

  • 1. Run To You - DJ D.O.C (2000)

If you listen to this music, you can even dance at a funeral. The group DJ D.O.C, which left behind a legendary song 'Run To You', quietly disappeared, causing various accidents. The only drawback to this exciting and rhythmic song that exists in the world is music videos.

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It is the view that all moods have positive or negative aspects. Although there is a difference in degree, there is no neutrality.

Russell, J. A. (1980) A circumplex model of affect. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 39, 1161–1178.

We selected the best Kpop music videos and classified with Positive / Negative.

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The above six words can not exactly represent your mood, but it will be enough to express

the degree of your mood of the day.

■ Basic Emotions Theory

Our search engine is based on human's basic emotions theory. But, in fact, it is more or

less different from the basic emotions theory that the Psychology academic world says.

This is because the emotions we feel while watching music videos are different from the

emotions we feel in our daily life. For example, emotions such as disgust and anger are

hard feelings to feel when watching music videos. So we replaced some of the emotions

that only we could feel in social life with other suitable ones that were replaceable.

All you have to do is just enjoy it!

We've spent a lot of time researching this sort of screening for you, and the only thing you

have to do is enjoy it.

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