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Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Here are the best Kpop music videos from K-pop experts for you in love. These songs will release limitation of your feelings for love.

The best Kpop music videos are right in front of your eyes.

Are you ready to fall in love?

Let's watch the south Korean boy and girl group artists' best K pop music video songs on youtube.

4. Some - Junggigo and SoYou (2014)

Many people consider him as the pride of Korean hip hop vocalists. He met the vocalist Soyou of SISTAR. Junggigo has been praised for his mellow tone and singing style.

3. Spring Love - Eric Nam and WENDY (2016)

Entertainer Eric Nam and girl group Red velvet Wendy. It is expected that global music fans will respond enthusiastically by releasing a duet song "Spring Love" that they sang together.

2. Spring Is Gone by chance - Loco and yuju (2015)

"Spring is one by love" is a song that expresses the feeling of love starting in spring, with the voice of yuju, the beautiful piano melody and the sensuous rap of Loco that follows. By taking advantage of the bright feeling of spring, it leads atmosphere of pure love.

1. Me You - San E and Baek Yerin (2015)

Produced by Cosmic Sound Composed by San E, Cosmic Sound Lyrics by San E Arranged by Cosmic Sound, 강민훈 Keyboard, Bass & Drums by Cosmic Sound Guitar 박기태, 예은수 Bass 임기범 Cello 강민훈 Recorded by 9999 at Brand New Music Studio Mixed by 마스터키 at MasterPiece SoundLab

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