SHINee (샤이니)

Popularity : ★★★


Type : Boy Group


Members : Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin

Genres : R&B / EDM / Funk / Hip hop

Concept : Pretty Boy

Debut : 2008

SNS : Facebook / Instagram

Label : SM Entertainment

A sexual harassment

Onew has been embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. As a result, the legal judgment of the sexual harassment controversy ended without suspicion. He said "I can't remember being drunk, but it turned out I am sorry if I did."

Unique color

Each member has its own color. Onew is green, Jong Hyun is red, Key is pink, Minho is blue and Taemin is yellow.


Depression led to the death of Jong Hyun. He was a composer and singer who was recognized for his ability and was respected for his character. He said in his suicide note. "Depression eventually swallowed me and I couldn't win it. (Skip) Tell me you did a good job." This website is sincerely grieved by his death. We wish you peace in heaven...

The feminist attack

Some mad feminists(워마드) blamed Jong Hyun, and he was deeply distressed. The reason for the attack is the fact that he said "Women are blessed to inspire artists to write poems and sing songs." in an interview. Feminists' logic is that he expressed women too passively. "Women cannot be an artist and cannot write poems and cannot sing songs." That was the interpretation of feminists about his interview.


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