T-ARA (티아라)

Popularity : 


Type : Girl Group


Members : Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon

​Genres : Dance / Disco / Electronic

Concept : Sexy, Cute


​Debut : 2009


SNS : Facebook

Label : MBK Entertainment

Jiyeon nude video

In 2010, a video clip of a girl, estimated to be Jiyeon, appearing naked was posted on the Internet. With points on the shoulders and many other identical features, many people concluded that they were the same person. After the article, her company released an article explaining that the person in question was not her. But no one believes it.

Hyomin the gangster

According to many of her classmates, Hyomin bullied classmates at the same school, which led to forced transfer to another school. However, they lack credibility because they did not provide proof of collective violence and forced transfer.

An escaping from T-ARA

Hwayeong was a member of the T-ARA but left the group due to the bullying of the remaining members. There was verbal violence. There was even real violence pretending to be a prank on TV shows.(떡은정)

An angel

Hwayeong, who was severely bullies, asked people not to criticized the members who bullied her. The company did its best to cover up the truth, the rest of the members did their best to defend themselves, and Hwayeong did her best to protect the perpetrators.


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