Popularity : ★★


Type : Duet


Members : U-Know Yunho

                       and Max Changmin

​Genres : Dance / R&B / Electronic

Concept : Healthy, Sexy


​Debut : 2003


SNS : Facebook Twitter Instagram

Label : SM Entertainment

a fake Guinness record

TVXQ! was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 as the singer who has most number of fan club members. It became a subject of conversation on various fan sites and appeared in news articles.  But it turned out to be nothing more than a totally unfounded rumor.

5 members

Originally, it was a member of five members, but due to conflict with the agency, three of them withdrew.

Debut in appearance

Max Changmin had no intention of becoming a singer and was not interested in dancing or singing at all. By chance, he became a singer by signing a contract with a company that fell into his appearance. At one time, it was common to become a singer just by one's appearance in Korea. If there were five members in a group, only one or two people sang well.

The volume of voice

Max Changmin was found to have the fascinating volume of voice after his debut. Ironically now he is one of the idols who sing the highest tune.


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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