Verbal Jint (버벌진트)

Popularity : 


Type : Soloist


Members : Verbal Jint

​Genres : Hip hop

Concept : Swag


Debut : 1999​

SNS : Facebook Twitter Instagram

Label : Brand New Music

A drunk driving crime

In 2016, he was caught driving while drunken. When asked why he had drunk and driven, he replied "unpreparedness." He made a detour to avoid police crackdown, but was caught. In Korea, there is a saying that if you don't commit drunk drive crime, you won't be a singer. He only did it to become a singer.

A plagiarism controversy

In 2015, a plagiarism controversy article was published. The suspected song is not melody similar, but there is a divergence of opinion as the source and rhythm of the beat are similar.


Seoul, Korea. (preparing)


+82-10-4820-0000 (preparing)

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